VHS – MATT MILLER — Chris Mulhern’s – Few & Far Between – 2006

In the Summer of 2006 a group of friends and I took a trip to Barcelona. I was working on an independent video called “Few & Far Between” and so the plan was to spend a month in Spain and gather footage. At this point, you could still skate anything you wanted in Barcelona with little or no hassle. There must have been at least 10 people crammed into a tiny apartment down the street from Parallel and somehow Matt Miller ended up staying with us. Prior to this trip, we had never even met Matt. He lived in SF and my group of friends were all living in Philadelphia at the time. After about 3 weeks of skating and filming every day, Matt had a few minutes of footage. I figured he would need me to send it to one of his sponsors, but he was more than willing to let me use all of it in my video. Thanks Matt. – Chris Mulhern

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