Volcom has established itself over the years as a particularly Earth-forward company, making a number of operational improvements to reduce its environmental impact. (These efforts haven’t gone unnoticed—Volcom’s entire supply chain has been accredited by the Fair Labor Association.) The latest eco-conscious initiative from the brand is its “Water Aware Denim” collection, a line of sustainable jeans that require much less water than traditional denim manufacturing techniques. The above video breaks it all down.

“Why should I care?” you might ask. Skateboarding, while super fun, is a resource-intensive activity; everything from the manufacture of our decks to our wheels and grip takes its toll on Mother Earth. Volcom’s innovation may just be a drop in the bucket, so to speak, but it definitely helps to balance skateboarding’s environmental scales. And it isn’t even Earth Day!

Learn more about Volcom’s Eco-True initiatives here.

Volcom has worked on projects with The Berrics since way back in the early days. Check out some of the videos, including the brand’s United Nations and the Wild In The Parks series, below:

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