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Watch the RAW Cut of Gabriel Fortunato’s “You Can’t Win” Part

Last month, the Swedish Streetwear and Snowboarding Apparel company, Beyond Medals, started by Swedish friends Kevin Backström and Tor Lundström in 2013, made the move into skateboarding with the release of their first skate video starring Kevin Baekkel and Gabriel Fortunato in “YOU CAN’T WIN.” Known for their creativity and stylish riders, “You Can’t Win” was a nonstop thrill ride with two of the heaviest riders in the game right. Thanks to Pocket Skate Mag We get to take a deeper look into how Gabriel Fortunato put together such an incredible part with the RAW edit of Gabriel’s part.

Watch the full RAW cut, filmed by Daniel Galli and Bennet Rahm, and edited by Bennet Rahm, above, and watch the full “You Can’t Win” video with Kevin Baekkel, below!

Check out some of our videos with Gabriel:

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