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WATCH THIS! — Alex Willms Sponsor Tape

I think of two things when I see the subject line of the email, “Alex Willms sponsor tape.” 1) that Willms is short for Williams, which it is not. His name really is Alex Willms and 2) I’m pretty sure, at 17 years old, Alex Willms has probably never even seen a real sponsor me tape. At this point in time sponsor me tapes are like dinosaurs or tales about the early 90s when skateboarding went through that high pants weird trick phase… Oh wait… Whatever, Alex Willms sent in 4 mins of raw footage, no music and the subject line was Alex Willms Sponsor tape. Whether that was true or not, what someone should do is rip this from the site, trim the fat, put it to music and send it back and show how good this footage could be with a little flare added to it. Whoever does this, and does it the best, we’ll send you a new board.

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