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WATCH THIS! — VX in LA – End Up Like This

We were waiting for one of these. Just didn’t expect it to come from our intern and close friend Tom Rohrer. If you know Tom – which you probably do – you know he’s an ambassador for skateboarding. That’s why there’s so many rippers packed into this LA VX video. Tom is one-hell of a skateboarder, but what’s really awesome about this is he filmed and edited the video himself. With so many people worried about being on one side of the lens, it’s refreshing for someone to do it for the love. That’s how it used to be. Tom keeps it real. And these skateboarders, well… they tear LA a new one.

Featuring Josh Sierra, Matt Militano, Mike Patterson, Josh Feist, David Jaimes, Chris Colbourn, Victor Zanoni, Kirian Stone, Vinnie Nanthavongsa, Jordan Maxham, Donne Dortch, Chad Fernandez, Danny Hamaguchi, & Kilian Zender.

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