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Who Is USA Skateboarding’s Mariah Duran?

In honor of International Women’s Day we present to you an inside look into one of the most skilled and influential female skaters of our generation, Mariah Duran. An olympian, a photographer, a traveler, and most of all, a skateboarder. Mariah has one of the most established careers in the game, so come along with us as we spend a day with her to find out WHO IS Mariah Duran?

Mariah, the Albuquerque, NM local, is what you’d call a professional. Multiple major contest wins, stellar video parts, and one of the best trick selections in the game, Mariah has been blowing up since her first @XGames appearance in 2015. Mariah has podiumed at multiple Street League Skateboarding contests, skated in the 2020 Olympics, has back to back X-Games gold medal, and two time USA Skateboarding Women’s Street National Champion. The Meow Skateboards Pro is supported by some of the industries biggest sponsors including Adidas, Thunder Trucks, Bones Bearings and Mountain Dew.

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