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WKND Skateboards Premieres RUMBLE PACK

Imagine if “The Sandlot” and “Mystery Science Theater” had a baby that made a skate video… That’s what we get from WKND Skateboards Mastermind, Grant Yansura in his latest masterpiece “RUMBLE PACK.” Full of skits, shenanigans, cellular reconstruction with Professor Schmitt, snow in LA, and a whole lot of skating, WKND continues their trend of delivering high production skits within their insanely creative edits.

Rumble Pack takes it to the next level with insanely intricate intros to each part, starting with a melting Sarah Meurle, before entering The Matrix with Tom Karangelov, and finally finding the new frontier (aka Los Angeles) with Filip Almqvist before heading into their respective parts. Creativity aside, Rumble Pack is PACKED with some high quality clips, more Pink Floyd songs than we thought was legally allowed in one video, and an ender that will take you completely by surprise and slap a smile on your face.

Watch WKND’s “Rumble Pack” above, and check out some of our work with Grant Yansura and WKND, below!

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