YOONIVISION — Zachary “Ducky” Kovacs

Skateboarding definitely has a lot of nicknames and our latest Recruit, Zachary Kovacs, has an intriguing one: “Ducky.” A lot of times with nicknames, I never want to know the story behind it because I really enjoy assuming what the origin of the nickname is. In this case, by hearing that his taste of music while filming his Recruit was mainly a lot of ’80s new wave bands—The Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order, etc.—I assumed he was a big fan of the ’80s, and I assumed that he really loves the 1986 movie “Pretty in Pink,” and his favorite character was the guy chasing after the girl, Ducky.

Funny how a kid probably born in the 2000s is a big fan of the ’80s—and you can tell by his skating: he’s got a ’80s kind of vibe with a more modern-day approach. He definitely thought outside the box for his Recruit. Ducky is someone I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of.

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