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Yuto Horigome’s “April” Part

It’s quite clear that Yuto Horigome has put together one of the best years of his career. With all the footage he’s stacked, from his ‘Yuto in Tokyo’ Nike Part, to his clips in Braden Gonzalez’s ‘Nine to Five,’ Davonte Jolly’s ‘Hunnid/Reprise,’ Kev Perez’s ‘Vito,’ and the April x Nike SB Dunk video, not to mention taking the gold medal at Tampa Pro, Street League 2023 Tokyo, and X-Games 2023, (and a leading Trick of the Year contender), it’s a marvel that he has anything left over. But alas, the Olympian boggles our mind yet again by capping his incredible year with a short and sweet part for April Skateboards packed with a gut-punch ender that will have you scrambling to pick your brain up from the floor. Don’t even bother trying to figure this one out… This is Yuto’s world. We’re all just living in it.

Watch Yuto’s Part, filmed by Tyler McCluskey and Braden Gonzales, and edited by Braden Gonzales, above!

Yuto has put in some work with The Berrics over the years, check out some of our favorite projects with him, below:

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