2007 ‘Til Infinity: The Berrics Celebrates Its Thirteenth Birthday

It’s been a momentous thirteen years here at The Berrics. We’ve introduced dozens of series and hundreds of skaters, and we hope to introduce a thousand more skaters over the next thirteen. See below for some of our notable moments over the years (and above for our most-viewed video featuring Tony Hawk):

2007 - The birth of The Berrics was followed just days later by the very first Battle Commander. Naturally, the edit featured Koston. Many of the hallmarks of this lights-out video series were established then, and even though we were still learning as we went, we were definitely having a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

2008 - This 2008 game of S.K.A.T.E. completely changed the trajectory of The Berrics. By the time the first BATB Finals Night rolled around, it finally dawn on us: We’ve created a monster.

Johnny Romano forever.

2009 - Buttery-Ass Donovan Strain has been a part of the Berrics family ever since our early, formative years. From grape-flips to Triflin’ Toons to sharing trick tips with the Birdman, Donovan always kept us entertained. It all started with his brilliant, influential Buttery-Ass Mondays series.
 2010 – Photographer, filmmaker, and resident chatterbox Giovanni Reda was the perfect roving reporter. His hilariously caustic Wednesdays With Reda series cut right through the bullshit— most notably when he put legends like Jason Lee on the spot.
2011 - Detroit’s Ross Capicchioni survived a hell of an ordeal in 2007. His harrowing experience, a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time horror story, was shocking and taught us that we’re all a lot stronger than we think. After we produced this two-part Aberrics Me doc, it spread like wildfire…even Oprah was down with us.
2012 - In 2012, Koston introduced our second building. This GOAT video was choreographed with over a dozen skaters in a single take—Martin Scorsese, eat your heart out.
2013 - In 2013 we launched the intense Run & Gun competition, which demanded equal parts strategy, creativity, and physical stamina. Our first winner—chosen by audience vote—was Felipe Gustavo, with a 60-second run that covered all the bases.
2014 - The premise of “Pros vs. Joes,” our  seventh BATB, was simple: unknowns go up against the best in the biz. It was also the first Battle At The Berrics Finals to be broadcast live, so when Michigan’s Cody Cepeda pulled off an upset against odds-on favorite Luan Oliveira the whole world could experience the resulting mayhem in the park. The crowd jumped off the bleachers; the barriers were knocked over. The 1,000 or so fans in the arena joined hundreds of thousands more who were glued to their screens, witnessing history in the making. Well, that’s definitely one way to get known.
2015 - Pedro Barros was the flowing flower of Florianopolis, Brazil, in our second season of In Transition, the on-location video contest that featured skaters filming their best lines at a transitioned park of their choosing.
2016 – In 2016 The Berrics launched the Next New Wave series, highlighting some of the best and brightest up-and-coming talents in skateboarding. Skaters, artists, brands, musicians, and filmmakers all got recognition. Many of the skaters, like Jamie Foy, went on to become today’s top pros.
2017 - On December 7, 2007, first appeared on screens worldwide. For the tenth anniversary of our site, we’ve invited dozens of friends to skate an obstacle specially made for the occasion. Thank you to everyone who has come through our doors and everyone who has watched our videos! We wouldn’t be here without your support.
2018 – When we launched ‘Do a Kickflip!’ in 2018 we had no idea that it would become one of our most-watched series. Every skater, in every country, is familiar with this maligned term (usually yelled from a moving vehicle)—so, with the help of Koston, we decided to take it back.
2019 – Tony Hawk, the skater who has done more for skateboarding over the course of his 43 years (and counting) on the board, filmed his Battle Commander at The Berrics at the age of 51.   This was historically inspiring.
2020 – This year, Yoshi Tanenbaum was voted as having done the gnarliest trick at The Berrics. His ender on the Big-4/LA High Bank gap—called a ‘gazelle flip’ in some circles (and sometimes even called a big spin flip 360)—was the stuff of legends. Who can top that?
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