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Felipe Gustavo’s Last Session At The Berrics

There’s not many people in the world who have spent more time in The Berrics than Felipe Gustavo. From late night training sessions, numerous amount of segments he’s filmed with us, and the 254 tries it took to land his winning Run & Gun line, Felipe has made this place his second home for skateboarding. Take a walk with Felipe as he strolls down memory lane, looking back at all the videos he’s filmed, and sneaks in one last session on the ledge, before taking a piece for himself. Don’t worry, Felipe signed quite a few pieces of the ledge for you too!

Watch Felipe’s last session, filmed and edited by Vitor Borger, and don’t miss your chance to pre-order an autographed Berrics ‘Farewell Cube’ now at!

Take a look at some of our favorite videos with Felipe in this park, below!

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