Aberrican Me


Whether it’s the design of a graphic, the angle used when shooting a photo or video, or picking a spot for a certain trick; there’s an artistic eye that goes along with most aspects of skateboarding. Given the level of creativity involved, it’s ironic that the fine art world tends to frown upon skate photography. This is the dilemma that Spencer Harding faced when he wanted to incorporate shooting skateboarding into his pursuit of an art degree. Spencer knew that overcoming this obstacle was going to take some work and began developing his technique. While tinkering around with different ways to shoot, he happened upon a method that perfectly achieved his goal. His out of focus shots against a white background create an almost formless shape that’s difficult to recognize as a skateboarder and has a fine art aesthetic. This technique earned Spencer acceptance into a BFA program as well as a trip to The Berrics to shoot some well known skaters while filming for his Aberrican Me. To see more of Spencer’s work, please visit his site spencerjharding.com

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