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Ace Trucks Presents “Light Showers With A Chance Of Knobs”

In the latest release from Ace Trucks, “Light Showers with a Chance of Knobs,” a handpicked crew of ACE Pilots embark on a skateboarding escapade to the North East, weaving through the vibrant streets of Toronto and the dynamic skate scene of Montreal. Come along with Kenny Anderson, Corey Glick, Kevin “Spanky” Long, and Mami Tezuka as they conquer both classic Canadian spots and hidden treasures, while embracing skateboarding’s spontaneous spirit and dodging intermittent rain showers and the ubiquitous knob.

Watch “Light Showers with a Chance of Knobs,” filmed and edited by Daniel Policelli, above, and shop our collection of ACE Trucks in The Canteen!

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