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Pocket Skate Mag Premieres Denny Pham’s SPÄTI Part

Berlin, Germany’s Denny Pham latest part, SPÄTI on Pocket Skate Mag is a shining example of his extensive bag of tricks sprawled out across an exquisite spot selection covering Barcelona, Athens, LA, Florida, and most of all, his hometown of Berlin. Mile long switch back tails, magnificent manuals, high class flip in/flip ledge hits, it’s definitely safe to say Denny dishes out a Phamnomenal part for Pocket Skate Mag.

Make sure you check out Denny’s interview with Pocket Skate Mag to hear a few stories from filming the part, including his first try Nollie Heel Flip over the sidewalk to street at Berlin’s “Museum Insel” Spot, and the 7 trip, multi year battle for his ender that he just so happened to land during a spontaneous session with Dani Lebron.

Watch Denny Pham’s SPÄTI part, edited by Dan Schulz, above, as well as a few of the projects we’ve filmed with Pham, below!

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