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ADIDAS, TEN YEARS WITH BUSENITZ — Announcing The 10-Year Pure BOOST Pack

adidas busenitz Pure Boost

This month, adidas Skateboarding is recognizing an incredible ten-year partnership with Dennis Busenitz. Appropriately, the time just flew by… fast.

This adidas anniversary “kicks” off with the release of a 10-year pack highlighting three of Dennis’s most well-known models. The first shoe will be the Busenitz Pure BOOST Edition (hybridizing the Busenitz Pro Model and the Pure BOOST silhouette to create the chiller to end all chillers. They added a BOOST™ technology upgrade and ended up with someone that is versatile, but not intended for skating. You know: something Dennis would wear while stationary or moving at a leisurely pace (which isn’t very often).

When adidas and Busenitz first joined forces in 2006, the bar was raised for athlete-led partnerships. It was the start of a global franchise that spawned amazing, game changing Pro models: The Busenitz Pro, Vulc, to the ADV. The Pure BOOST is just the latest in a series of excellence. No detail was too small in celebrating the ten unassailable years of Busenitz: even the hee tabs of each shoe bear his first year and his current year with the brand. 

The Busenitz Pure BOOST 10-year edition is available globally starting Oct. 11, and it will come to America in November. The Busenitz Pure BOOST will retail for $130.

adidas busenitz Pure Boost

adidas busenitz Pure Boost

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