Adidas Skateboarding Celebrates 30 Years — Photographer Skin Phillips

Addidas Skateboarding celebrates 30 years of legendary skate photographer Skin Phillips, releasing a commemorative special edition shoe – The Skate. The shoe is a re-imaged release apart of the ‘Respect Your Roots’ tribute series, paying homage to seminal skate icons for their contributions to the progresssion of Adidas culture. 

Skin 1

The Skate originally released in 1978 and later in 2006, features a full grain leather upper with premium suede accents. The classic reemerges as a tribute to Phillips, in honor of Skin’s potent lineage of photographic work for Adidas. Skin has shot nearly every skate legend, including Tony Hawk, Matt Hensely, Patt Duffy, and Natas Kaupas. Skin now operates as the Team Manager for Addidas, overseeing the careers of Dennis Busenitz, Lucas Puig, and Silax Bacter Neal.


 skin 2

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