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A MIND BLOWING 50th Anniversary Celebration for Santa Cruz Skateboards

In celebration of Santa Cruz Skateboards “50th” anniversary, they posted on their YouTube channel revisiting some memorable moments kicking off the day with a thrilling demo at Sea Cliff Skatepark in Aptos, California. The excitement continued as they moved on to Mike Fox Skatepark, transitioning to the park’s high air contest, later in the day, shutting down the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, creating unforgettable moments. The night reached its peak as Dinosaur Jr.’s iconic tunes filled the air, creating a perfect soundtrack to close out.

A brief history:
Founded in 1973, Santa Cruz Skateboards is the oldest continuously running skateboard company. The brand’s early struggles turned into success when a Hawaiian order for 500 skateboards marked the beginning of Santa Cruz’s innovative contributions to the skateboarding industry, later expanding into influential pop culture collaborations. Here is a list of Santa Cruz household names from past and present pros, including Steve Olson, Duane Peters, Steve Alba, Rob Roskopp, Jeff Kendall, Micke Alba, Jason Jesse, and Jeff Grosso. Some of their historic videos, such as “Streets on Fire,” “Wheels of Fire,” and “Speed Freaks,” showcase the brand’s impact.

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