Alex Olson Talks About Meditation And Mindfulness In ‘GQ’ Article

Alex Olson Talks About Meditation And Mindfulness In 'GQ' Article

917 and Bianca Chandon’s Alex Olson has partnered with District Vision to release a series of mindfulness tapes. (The ‘Breathwork’ series includes Pranayama and Sama Vritti techniques to help sharpen your focus and develop your concentration—every manual could benefit from a good Sama Vritti.) Men’s magazine GQ recently chatted with Olson about how he first started investigating meditation and yoga, and how the practice of mindfulness helped him evolve.

“I was a very emotional skateboarder, where if I didn’t do my trick, I’d get so frustrated and explode in frustration and anger.”

Olson doesn’t really reveal anything about himself that most skaters don’t already know (see above pull quote), but the revelatory takeaway is that we don’t have to be slaves to our skateboards. If you’re obsessing about a trick, or beating yourself up about not having the guts to try something, maybe the sound of AUM can help? Olson’s six-tape ‘Breathwork’ series just might be the tool you need. Read the full interview at the GQ site here.

Have you ever seen Mike Carroll feed a chicken McNugget to Chase Gabor? It’s the cutest thing you will ever witness, and will have you chanting YUM:

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