Alexis Sablone Joins Alltimers With Tongue-In-Cheek Video

WBATB‘s Alexis Sablone recently joined NY-based Alltimers and, like everything the brand does, the announcement put a smile on our mugs. In a reference to Sablone’s achievements in higher learning (you know: Barnard College, MIT… no big deal) and a clever homage to her formative years getting clips in Boston, Mass (you may remember a certain groundbreaking video called PJ Ladd’s Wonderful, Horrible Life), the brand mashed up Good Will Hunting and released her debut deck featuring the image of Bostonian smarty pants Will Hunting (aka Matt Damon) doing his beautiful mind shtick. (We’re still in stitches over the Alltimers Ryan Gosling deck, btw.) Whew. We have to say: We like them apples.

Sablone was in the Finals for the inaugural Women’s Battle At The Berrics last year. Watch the journey to her championship match, against Monica Torres, below:

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