Watch Andale’s Carlos Ribeiro Skate The Ultimate Go-Kart Track

Carlos Ribeiro knows how to have a good time. In Andale‘s latest video, the Brazilian pro takes a few laps at K1 racing in Torrance, California. The setting is appropriate, and he burns urethane while he noseblunt slides the track’s perfectly designed barriers. Fun fact: The Berrics had an employee holiday party at K1 a few years ago; we ignored the drifting rules and the staff repeatedly (and overzealously, we might add) cut the power to our go-karts to teach us a lesson. Apparently, now you can just bring your own street obstacles and skate there! We can’t help but feel just a tiny bit ripped off… (Regardless, Ribeiro makes one hell of a pit stop.)

Ribeiro has been one of our favorites since waaaay back in the old Myers St. park days. He’s worked on dozens of projects with us over the years, and he’s always stunned us with his creativity and consistency (he has a bag of dork tricks that you wouldn’t believe). Check out just a handful of his most recent Berrics videos, below, and visit The Canteen for our selection of his Primitive goods:

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