Andale’s Latest ‘Slappy Days’ Grinds Through San Luis Obispo

Andale has really made a name for themselves in the low-impact world of slappy videos. The easily accessible genre is one of the most relatable in skateboarding—all you need is a skateboard and a curb (trucks: loose; wax: optional)—and the brand’s stable of slap-happy slappiers are more than willing to relate. Their latest episode in the ‘Slappy Days’ series takes Ace Pelka and Nathan Ko (two of our favorites) to the curb paradise of San Luis Obispo, California, home to the thoroughly masticated Bubblegum Alley (mmm… bumpy), for a little one-two grind-up San Lu. Watch the video, above!

The Berrics have become steadily more engrossed with slappys over the years, and we’ve even dedicated a few videos to the ancient art of smashing your trucks (and everything else). Check out these projects below:

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