Atiba Jefferson Directs Nostalgic ‘Wild In The Streets’ Video

Skaters of a certain age are familiar with the amazing film Thrashin’ (featuring a young Josh Brolin), which shoehorned a Romeo & Juliet story into an otherwise sick full-length featuring some of the most famous pros of the ’80s. The movie is a classic—something you could show non-skaters in your life and say, “See? This is what I’m talkin’ about! Do you get it now?” Well, one of the most well-known scenes is a skate chase between the Capulets and the Montagues. Skaters back then, we would rent Thrashin’ and rewatch this part over and over to get hyped. It was straight-up movie magic.

Circle Jerks, the band responsible for the energetic vibe of that all-important scene, are embarking on their first North American tour in 15 years this month (with a bunch of dates in So Cal), and legendary photographer Atiba Jefferson has lovingly directed a nostalgic—official—music video for the song. Watch ‘Wild In The Streets,’ featuring skating from the movie’s original stunt skaters—Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain—and more (like Dashawn Jordan, Rowan Zorilla, and Berrics co-founder Eric Koston). For more details on Circle Jerks’ tour, visit the band’s site.

Check out our ‘In The Loupe’ episode with Jefferson, about his experiences shooting Dylan Rieder, below:

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