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Austyn Gillette’s “Know You My Own Way” Part

Austyn Gillette’s dedication to authenticity is unmatched (just like his style). In his latest video project, “Know You My Own Way”, Austyn expresses his awe-inspiring approach to skateboarding in a way we all need to hear, see, and feel. ‘Know You My Own Way’ is a gentle reminder to disconnect from distractions, connect with your craft, and cherish the things you hold dear. Straying away from the pressure of needing to keep up with everyone else’s skating Gillette carves his own path, valuing his individuality and avoiding the expectations of the internet to come out with a project he is truly proud of. And with a part this good, he better be damn proud!

Austyn had this to share about the part on his Instagram:

“I’m not one to really rant through this platform and it would probably be best over a drink, but I feel the need to give the video some context. The title of the film “Know You My Own Way” is the only way I can best describe my personal relationship with skateboarding. I only know my experience with it and don’t plan to adhere to the modern day pressures of keeping up. To desire to keep up with what is going on is nearly impossible in the world we live in. Whether that be the standards set by social media, tricks being done or the temporary styles that come and go. I advise anyone to develop their own relationship with whatever craft they take on. Your individuality is precious and it will always be your truest form. Detach from the expectations of the internet. Take your time with projects because you owe it to yourself to make something original to you. There is no rush.”

There is no rush. Unless you haven’t seen his part yet. Then you better rush to hit that play button, above!

Check out Austyn’s incredible “QUIK” video project, below!

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