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Rainy Days at The Primitive Park

There aren’t that many indoor skateparks available in Los Angeles County, but one of the best just might be The Primitive Park. It only makes sense then that the best skateboarders in the world would go skate one of the best skateparks in the area, especially when it rains. Luckily for us, Spanish Mike is there to capture a typical rainy day sesh at with some heavy hitters.

Watch Dashawn Jordan, Paul Rodriguez, Gage Boyle, Matt Berger, and Shay Sandiford shred The Primitive Park in Spanish Mike’s “Rainy Day Edit Part 2”, above, and then shop our selection of Primitive products in The Canteen!

We’ve been blessed to work with Primitive over the past few years, cultivating in some pretty epic content. Check out some of our favorites featuring the Primitive Skate Team, below:

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