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Beyond Medals Premieres “YOU CAN’T WIN” with Kevin Baekkel and Gabriel Fortunato

The Swedish Streetwear and Snowboarding Apparel company, Beyond Medals, has officially stepped into the skateboarding realm with Kevin Baekkel and Gabriel Fortunato in “YOU CAN’T WIN.” The brand, started by Swedish friends Kevin Backström and Tor Lundström in 2013, has really picked up momentum in the last few years and now they’ve completed the most epic crossover by featuring two of gnarliest, smoothest, and stylish riders in the game right now. Beyond Medals, known for bringing out creativity and fun with style-conscious riders, delivers that same energy in Kevin and Gabriel’s welcome video sprinkled throughout some of the smoothest skating, and gnarliest handrails you’ll ever see handled.

Watch “YOU CAN’T WIN”, directed by Jack Thompson & Daniel Galli, above!

Check out some of our videos with Gabriel, below!

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