BLONDEY MCCOY — Avant Arte Profile

Blondey McCoy is following in a long tradition of skateboarders like Mark Gonzales and Ed Templeton who create art and see skateboarding and art as extensions of each other. In honor of its new collaboration with McCoy, Avant Arte produced this profile video in which Blondey explains the relationship between skating and art.

“Art, for me, is sort of a way of getting things off my chest and expressing things that would otherwise be really personal. But art’s not really enough for me. That’s why I do the clothes, and the skateboarding, as well, and really just creating things in general. One thing that skateboarding really taught me is the importance of persistence in everything. Because nothing happens overnight, whether it’s learning to do a trick or a particular type of artwork evolving into what it is.”

And, like those that have come before him, Blondey’s innate creativity is evident in his skateboarding. Revisit his part from Palace’s Palasonic [2017] below for evidence of that.

Blondey McCoy | Palasonic

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