Braden Hoban’s ‘Lost’ Part Is Finally Found

Independent Trucks recently hit the motherlode of Braden Hoban footage! Known for the Mohkie video series—specifically that fucked up clip where he does a physically impossible backside 50-50 loop around a planter—Hoban is a footage rainmaker. Filmer Jesse Silva has been stockpiling some of the Toy Machine Am’s A+ bangers for years, and he has edited three solid minutes-worth for your entertainment. Indy is calling it a “lost” part, likely because he rides for Emerica now (there’s a telltale swoosh in a lot of these clips—that’s sponsorship for ya), but we’re stoked that it’s seeing the light of day—Hoban’s part might be the best thing since sliced Bread. Check out his flawless part, above…

…and then check out one of our past projects with Emerica, below:

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