Straight from The Netherlands comes a piece of political commentary with a DIY twist. “Build Wallies, Not Walls” is the first video from the “Wallies Not Walls” project, delivering the message that rich, poor, American, or otherwise… we’re all the same color inside, man.

We have to say that the creativity in this is really impressive. The chyron throughout the video has a bunch of little skate jokes with a totalitarian angle. Lots of LOLs here, but the message gets a little muddled (a running time of 4:20, airing at 4:20… Trump’s a pothead, or maybe he’s against pot legalization?).

Dutch skaters (whom we’ve worked with in the past for a Bombaklats project) Rob Maatman, Robbin de Wit, Remco Stolze, and many more, are featured in the video. Here’s the description from “Build Wallies, Not Walls” YouTube page:

“Closed borders are discrimination based on location. If you are born on the wrong side of the wall, your chances of providing a decent standard of living for yourself are smaller. With the growing amount of closed borders since last century, the global gap between rich and poor has increased exponentially. This inequality has driven people to have to look for better opportunities elsewhere. Why not give these people the same chances that we got. We are all red on the inside.”

Visit the Wallies Not Walls site for more information about this project.

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