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Dylan Jaeb’s “Not Dylan Jaeb” Part

When you stack as much footage as Dylan Jaeb, you need a whole separate “Not Dylan Jaeb” Instagram Account for your throwaway clips… When that’s not enough, you go ahead and drop a full 5 minute “Not Dylan Jaeb” part on your YouTube channel with leftover footage from various worldwide projects and trips. But don’t be fooled. There’s nothing in this part that screams “Throwaway.” Cruise along with Dylan Jaeb’s alter ego as he takes a heavy barrage of technical tricks on the Oceanside curved ledge, float lofty fakie flips, manhandles majestic manuals, and shuts it down with a heavy 13 stair switch pop shuv for the cherry on top.

Watch Dylan’s “Not Dylan Jaeb” Part, filmed by Andres Garcia and Brandon Cortez with additional filming from Davonte Jolly, Kaylanne Diaz, Fruga, Bobby McCutchen, Olaf, Jorge, and Tim Cisilino, above!

Check out some of the projects we’ve worked on with Dylan, below:

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