Is Cardiff’s ‘Spit & Sawdust’ The Most Fun Warehouse In Wales?

When the weather takes a turn for the worse in Cardiff, Wales, at least the locals have Spit & Sawdust—the indoor skatepark, that is. Vague Mag recently premiered Harry Deane’s edit featuring Cardiff heads figuratively tearing the park to splinters. Spit & Sawdust isn’t just a rad independent park; they offer skateboard lessons, have a cafe and skateshop, and hold sick events (tomorrow night is the local premiere of WKND’s ‘Death Dance’ video). Learn more about Spit & Sawdust here!

Video features Tom Bailey, Ethan Watkins, Div Adam, Matt Davies, Kev Barry, Ben Morris, Daniel Hill, Jake Collins, Nathan Pritchard, PJ, Ben Broyd, Leo Comanescu, Jim Silver, Jack Steele, Mike Ridout, Mike Hellier, Jess Young, and Lloyd Houston.

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