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Carlos Ribeiro Returns to The Nine Club for Episode 297

Carlos Ribeiro returns to The Nine Club with Chris Roberts for episode 297. Carlos originally appeared on episode 37 back in February of 2017, and once again for The Nine Club ‘Stop and Chat’ in May of 2021 so there is a looot of catching up to do with the Primitive Pro. Sit down with Mr. Ribeiro as he shares some of the things going on in his life like having twins, his recent hospitalization and surgery, playing Eric Koston in Battle At The Berrics, getting told he’ll have last part in the Primitive “Define” video, his battle switch back noseblunting Clipper hubba, filming for his new Independent part, his new signature Independent trucks and much more!

Listen up for all this and more in The Nine Club Episode 297, above!

Check out some of the projects we’ve filmed with Carlos over the years, below:

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