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Santa Cruz Skateboards “F#*k ‘EM” Video

Santa Cruz Skateboards has one of the heaviest teams in the industry, if you don’t believe us, check out the brands latest video offering, “F#*k Em.” California’s Erick Winkowski leads the charge for the rest of the squad before Australian Rob Pace closes the curtains by chomping on some of the heaviest rails you’ll ever see. Join Rob Pace, Erick Winkowski, Maurio McCoy, Tom Asta, Jake Wooten, Kevin Braun, Tom Knox, Keet Oldenbeuvig, Fabiana Delfino, Blake Johnson, Emanuel Guzman, Justin Sommer, Eric Dressen, Yndiara Asp, Phoenix Dickinson, Devin Flynn, and the legendary Steve Alba keeping the fire alive 50 years later in Santa Cruz’s “F#*k ‘em” by Joe Perrin.

Check out some of the projects we’ve worked on with Santa Cruz and their riders, below:

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