CHRIS COLE — Revolver Feature

Chris Cole’s love of heavy metal music is obvious. It has been the soundtrack to nearly all of his video parts for decades. Chris sat down for a brief interview with Revolver in which he gives some insight into what attracts him to the genre. 

It’s funny. You’ve got to be kind of loose circuitry to want the type of beatdown that skateboarding’s going to give you. And heavy metal seems to have those dudes. So I feel like the metal crowd is who I relate with anyway. I relate with the people there. I relate with the bands. I relate with what they’re doing, and also their guitar work is awesome. There’s tons of awesome guitarist out there. But I like the form of metal music more. I like the tones of metal music more.

This piece also includes a sizable amount of Chris Cole footage. Click play above to check it out for yourself

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