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Creature Releases Trailer For Upcoming Darren Navarrette Documentary

Creature‘s Darren Navarrette has been riding for the brand from the very beginning, and to many skaters he’s the epitome of the company’s image—now he’s getting his own documentary. ‘25 Years Of The Vertical Vampire’ sheds some sunlight on the 44-year-old Minnesotan’s impact on skateboarding, featuring interviews with Lance Mountain, John Lucero, Dave Swift, and more. In the trailer for the upcoming doc, above, Navarrette briefly references one of the pitfalls of having a strong personal brand: “I would have loved to have more of my street skateboarding shown, but I was known as the Vertical Vampire.” As vampires say, That sucks.

Watch some of our work with Creature over the years—including David Gravette’s Battle Scars and In Transition, and Creature’s United Nations—below:

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