Daewon Song is a prolific Instagram poster. Compilations of his exploits are many, and they’re all equally progressive. And, thankfully, he’s one of the most enthusiastic and positive captioners in the industry. (A typical excerpt, from a recent "grabs" post: “No matter past, present, or future, hope everyone the best. My hands hurt hahaha, these grabs take me back to the 90’s! So fun.) But when it comes to curbs his enthusiasm is 2nd To None.

But yesterday’s curb megamix blows most of Song’s previous work away. And there’s not a wasted moment in this amazing edit; you have no choice but to let this bad boy loop a few times so you can catch every single slappy. Here’s his caption to give you a little idea of where his head is at:

Dedicated to all those painted little curbs!! I’m gonna miss you and won’t be able to hang out as much. I gotta film for a video project and may be able to see you once in a while; I may even be able to involve you in something. Thanks for all the fun. Filming. Have a great night everyone.

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