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Dan Fisher-Eustance’s ‘Rotating Asset’ Free Skate Mag Part

The VX1000 Savant Quentin Guthrie is laying down his iconic paintbrush, but not without completing one last masterpiece using his beloved VX1000. To celebrate this end of an era, he’s treating us to a sequel to Dan Fisher-Eustance‘s iconic 2020 Free part. From switch noseslides with a casual Cab flip out, to his dizzying ledge work at South Bank, Dan dishes out mesmerizing banger after banger with Chief Keef on the track, and followed by Guthrie’s expert fish-eye maneuvers meticulously crafted to pay tribute to the VX1000’s unique charm, showcasing the perfect blend of old-school charm and modern skating finesse. While he’s leaving the VX1000 behind, he’s not abandoning its vintage aesthetic; instead, he’s bringing its essence to his HD footage. Get ready to step back in time with Quentin Guthrie’s VX1000 farewell video. It’s a celebration of the past, presents, and the future of skateboarding, all rolled into one mesmerizing package.

Watch Dan Fisher-Eustance’s ‘Rotating Asset’, filmed and edited by Quentin Guthrie, above!

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