Dave Swift Heath kirchart

Heath Kirchart. Santa Barbara, 2004.

Dave Swift has shot some of your favorite photos, but you may not even know it. The legendary shutterbug was an editor at Transworld during skateboarding’s boom (and lean) times, and he even started his own monthly publication, The Skateboard Mag, which ran for about 14 years (give or take).

He even has a hand in some of the photos you see on The Berrics! Back when Eric Koston and Steve Berra were rookie pros, Swift would ride around with those whippersnappers and goof off—and shoot photos that would change the course of skateboarding history. Now you can check out his portfolio yourself on his new website: Dave Swift Photography.

Congratulations, Swift. And welcome to the 21st Century my dude!

eric koston dave swift

Eric Koston. Temecula, 1992.

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