Watch DGK’s Full-Length ‘Zeitgeist’ Here

Chaz Ortiz alert! DGK has released its latest full-length video Zeitgeist, and here’s a short list of the skaters who appear in this video: Darius Jackson, Steez Ortiz, Juan Moreno, Josue Dosouto, Brian Reid, Adriel Parmisano, Gianfranco Garozzo, Will Mazzari, Dane Vaughn, Anthony Davis, Adrian Mccoy, Brian Panebianco, Boo Johnson, Grady Smith, Kevin Bilyeu, Josh Kalis, Adolfo Franco, Deon Harris, Dlamini Dlamini (or just “Dlamini” for short), Isaac Walker, Mike Lawry, Gab Galipeau, Yorlin Phillips, Ashura Parchment (get that paper, yo), Tatem Dorder, Etienne Turnbull, Yuki Sawashima, gerv Ndong, Joy Awosika, Dwayne Fagundes, Nick Dias, Kevin Augustine, John Shanahan, Monty Clifton, Max Guisse, Eric Valladares, Adrianne Sloboh, Ryan Farley, Johnathan Gonzales, Akeem Carby, Izzy Gonzalez, Curtis Fontenot, Collin Slew, Marquise Henry, and—you guessed it—Stevie muthafuckin’ Williams. It’s a new era for Dirty Ghetto Kids—check it out, above!

We have worked with Ortiz since he was just a li’l Steez, back in 2009. The former Battle Commander has filmed dozens of projects with us, including a massively viral edit for Gatorade that Colin Kennedy directed, ‘Go All Day.’ Watch some of his videos, below:

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