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Dime x Vans Paris Pop Up with Pocket Skate Mag

No one knows how to throw an event like Dime and Vans. Follow along as Pocket Skate Mag attends the Dime x Vans Pop Up in Paris to celebrate the release of the OG Rowley XLT, featuring Will Marshall, Zion Wright, Kyle Walker, Nick Michel, Curren Caples, Alexis Lacroix, Simon Perrottet, Chris Pfanner, Elijah Odom, Jan Hirt, Korahn Gayle, Victor Doobie Pellegrin, Alexander Mitchell, Marius Syvanen, Mika Germond, Una Farrar, Rob Maatman, Max Wasungu, Albert Nyberg, and many more!

Watch the full edit, filmed by Max Pack & Paul Labadie, and edited by Paul Labadie, above!

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