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Dirty Ghetto Kids Drops ‘AMEN’ – A DGK Video

A year after the release of their full-length ‘Zeitgeist’, DGK has done it again with their latest video, ‘AMEN.’ Will Mazzari starts things with a bang, Collin Slew and Marquise Henry keep it moving to the team montage featuring worldwide and LA local Dirty Ghetto Kids, the prince of pop Nick Diaz puts his power to the test before Brian Reid closes the curtains. While Will, Collin, Marquise, Nick, and Brian take centerstage of ‘AMEN,’ they get a heavy amount of support from worldwide and LA local DGK skaters including Deon Harris, Ryan Carrell, Sway, Darius Jackson, Dane Vaughn, Dlamini Dlamini, Boo Johnson, Noah Francisco, Isaac Walker, Chaz Ortiz, Flynn Jackman, Jett Stanton, Kevin Bilyeu, Stevie Williams, John Shanahan, Adriel Parmisano, Yuki Sawashima, Dwayne Fagundes, and Arnowdy Lanziloti. Thank God for DGK… Amen.

Watch ‘AMEN’ above, and don’t miss some of the work we’ve done with the brand over the years, below:

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