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Magenta Skateboards Releases ‘BRUTALISTA’

Angles, Art, and Architecture combine! Following their latest full-length “Just Cruise II”, the wonderful minds at Magenta Skateboards takes us on a voyage into a raw concrete adventure of the Brutalist landscapes that scatter the French suburbs in their latest video, BRUTALISTA. Named after the architectural style of minimalist constructions that showcase the bare building materials and structural elements over decorative design, Magenta delivers a creative and stylize work of art in BRUTALISTA, featuring
Jameel Douglas, Mike Mag, Jeremy Jones, Ruben Spelta, Vivien Feil, Randy Nakicen, Cody Wilber, Stephane Feugas, Jesse Narvaez, Sourya Panday, and many more!

Watch the full edit, filmed by Stephane “Feugs” Feugas, and edited by Leo Valls, above!

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