Edouard Depaz Keeps His Friends Close In New Video Part

Edouard Depaz is deshit. Honestly, if we had pressure flips like this we would be so full of ourselves. During our lunch break sesh, we would have an all-pressure-flip game of S.K.A.T.E.—there are actually a surprising number of variations—and then realize we could never beat Eric and go back to work. Depaz even pressure flips a sidewalk gap to frontside 5-O! That is a highlight, and why we think that Depaz is deshit. Watch his part, ‘Nothing Without Friends,’ filmed and edited vigorously by Thomas “The Vig” Vigoureux, above, and check out his interview—where he talks about getting married soon (DON’T DO IT DUDE! Just kidding, we love our wives)—at the Free site.

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