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éS Footwear Drops New TJ Rogers Part with Evant Signature Model

TJ Rogers is an undeniable footage machine for éS Footwear… In 2022, he dropped 3 full parts, a new Accel colorway, AND beat cancer. Less than a year after releasing his OG Accel colorway part, TJ is back at it again as éS drops the TJ Rogers x Evant Signature Model with 3 minutes of bangers to go with it. Sag the pants. Throw on a white tee. Butter up your switch back tails because TJ is on a roll through the streets to show off his new colorway.

Watch TJ’s Evant part, filmed and edited by Luke Lutz, above, and make sure you check out TJ’s new Evant Signature Model now available on!

Check out some of the projects we’ve filmed with TJ over the years, below!

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