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Etnies’ Album is full of heavy hitters and heavy hits. In The Singles Collection we are highlighting three* Album* bangers, in photos, with recollections by the skaters and photographers behind each slapper. In this edition, we feature Trevor McClung, Matt Berger, and Aidan Campbell, with words by Berger, Sam McGuire, and Dave Swift.

Trevor McClung Switch Flip

Trevor McClung, switch flip. Barcelona, Spain. Jul 19, 2016.


Skateboarding is a funny sport to photograph as it’s an interesting mix of the spot and the trick. We spent about 4 years on the road searching for new spots, inspiration and our minds that we all lost at some point along the way. Etnies’ Album started much like most skate videos start in that there’s just sort of this collective moment when it begins. In Etnies’ case, it was a trip up the 5 freeway from LA to Vancouver one spring. As the sun set in Vancouver (it’s always as the sun sets) and Chris Joslin was doing something crazy, it just sort of clicked I think for everyone that this was the beginning of something. That something became Album, Mike Manzoori’s brainchild with the help and obsessive dedication of right-hand lensman Ryan Sherman. 

Barcelona is and will probably always be one of the greatest skateboarding cities on earth. The spots, the weather, the food, the women (and men—come on its 2018, people) and the beaches. We spent a week in BCN in-between some other European traveling, and this was at the end of a long day of skating. Checking out spots at sunset is always a bit of a tease for a photographer as it can make for the best photos, but you’re racing against time with the light with the filmers. So, more often than not, people want to come back when there is, understandably, better light.

This double set has been photographed to death, and I don’t want to say I wasn’t super excited to check it out as I always love watching Trevor McClung skate, but I just wasn’t sure how to shoot it any differently. This was a mix of a happy accident and just wanting to get a cool photo of the city as I love Barcelona. Truth be told: I had to pee, and next to the double set is a bunch of trees on this hill so I thought, Double whammy—I can go pee AND check the angle! The lower angle wasn’t good but you could climb up on some rocks and like, sort of slide into this forest area and catch the skater in between these trees. I just ran down quick and set up two flashes and ran/climbed back up as we were running against the clock. Trevor would always do this at big spots, like throw a test out and almost do it perfect first try and then everyone is scrambling, like, Oh shit it’s on! And then you can tell he’s almost devastated he got THAT close first go. So we all scramble, he tries a few more as the sun is setting and he just really stomps one. Perfect flick; perfect catch. I sat up and finished my beer as the sun set on another gorgeous day… Well done, Trev!

Matt Berger Sequence

Matt Berger, frontside noseslide nollie back heel out. Miami, Florida. Feb 2, 2016.

WORDS: Matt Berger, as told to Joey Shigeo. 

I first saw the synagogue hubba in an old Transworld video well over 10 or 15 years ago and it looked perfect. The first night we checked the spot and the first trick that came to mind was front nose nollie heel. We ended up going back and It was one of those really hot Miami days. We tried it for a while and then eventually managed to roll away from one. Psyched to get this trick on a such a classic spot. 

I have no idea how but we did not get busted; there were no security issues at all. We skated it both times for over an hour. Nick Garcia also got a really unique noseslide to back five-0 on it. Such a sick trick. Blows my mind, still. 

After eight days in Miami, once the job was done on the last night we all went out for some beers in South Beach, but we don’t have any crazy Miami party stories. We didn’t even do the beach. We just went there to go and hit the spots.

Aidan Campbell

Aidan Campbell, Backside 180 Fakie Pivot Grind To Fakie. San Marcos, California. Feb 7, 2018.


Etnies and The Skateboard Mag were collaborating on a print feature to go along with the release of their long awaited video Album and I had just started hooking up with some of the teamriders to get in on some of the final days of filming skateboarding. I had already done a whole feature with Chris Joslin the month before and a couple of the sessions etnies filmer Mike Manzoori was doing the filming. The rest of the shoots I was on I didn’t get to hand with Mike but rather his co-filmer Ryan Sherman was filming and rounding up the boys. On this particular shoot the etnies crew was Aidan Campbell, Trevor McClung, Barney Page, Jamie Tancowny, Taylor Kirby (non etnies rider), and team manager Jameson Decew. Well, this bump to trashcan is one of the only weekday spots that can hold a big group of skaters and Aidan came through with a big NBD after a pretty good battle. All I know is the blacktop was plenty hot that day. —Dave Swift

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