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The Last Session at The Berrics 2.0

This was our second location, but all good things must come to an end. Thank you to every single person who entered our doors and made this place great. 13 years is a long time. However, with every end there is a new beginning. To be continued… – sb and ek

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The Last Session at The Berrics 2.0

Many have asked why we are moving? All kinds of wild suggestions have been made as to what we should’ve done with the park and the truth is this… when we first moved into the bldg 13 years ago the rent was an astronomical $18k a month. We hemmed and hawed over whether or not it was worth it and in the end we decided it was. Well, we never owned the building and while we were there it changed owners 5 times. Each new owner, when our lease was up, raised the rent. Having spent so much money and time and effort into what was a dream for us we didn’t want to move, so each time we signed the lease with the new rent increase thinking we could make it. And, until now, we did. But the new owners of the bldg increased our rent so high it was impossible for us to stay. All in, they wanted $105k a month and even if we did have the money, it would be a crime to pay it. So… we had to move. We have never been a big company. There are certainly less popular companies than ours that make way more money than we ever have. Our dream was to provide something great for skateboarding and we will continue to do so, it just won’t be at this place, in this time. We aren’t dead. We are just changing. – sb

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