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Felipe Nunes Chats with Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis on Hawk vs Wolf

Felipe Nunes is one of if not THE most inspiring skateboarder of our generation. Despite losing both of his legs in a tragic train accident at the age of 6, Felipe has gone on to skate for Vans Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards as a professional skateboarder, proving to the world that nothing is impossible when you make no excuses. Felipe has tackled some of the gnarliest spots in skateboarding and this week he tackled another milestone with his appearance on the Hawk vs Wolf to share his incredible story with Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis. Sit down with Felipe to hear share how he started skating at the age of 12 for transportation, learning tricks, starting to skate in contests, DM’ing with Tony about Birdhouse, his most common injuries while skating, his “no excuses” approach to life, trying to 360 into the Carwash, picking up his new prosthetic legs in D.C. with Tony Hawk, and his plans for the future, including a new street part coming soon! Thanks to the real-time translation company, LetzChat, Felipe is able to hold a conversation with Tony and Jason with instant English-Portuguese translations. The episode also comes with Portuguese audio translation that begins at the 40 minute mark for the Brazilian based fans.

Watch Felipe share all in Hawk vs Wolf, above, and check out some of the videos Felipe has filmed with us, below:

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