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‘Nine to Five’ by Braden Gonzales

2023 has officially been the year of homie videos. From Stone Hendrikx’s ‘Sword’ in January, to Kev Perez’s ‘Vito’ last month, this year has been a non-stop onslaught of unaffiliated street activities. Braden Gonzales, the latest filmmaker clocking time in the streets, recently releases his addition to the list of 2023 videos that deserve some serious recognition…

After wrapping up Yuto’s “Yuto Horigome in Tokyo” part, Braden got to work filling his timeline with more magic from Yuto, and hitting the streets with an unbelievably talented roster for his latest video offering, ‘Nine to Five.’ Hit the punch card and clock in with Yuto Horigome, Kai Kishi, Ron Parker, Daiki Ikeda, Daisuke Ikeda, Dashawn Jordan, Brandon Starr, and a heartwarming part from Shareef Grady to close it out, in ‘Nine to Five.’

Skateboarding is hard work… but somebody’s gotta do it!

Watch Braden’s ‘Nine To Five’ video, above!

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