‘Free’ Premieres Vans’ Scandinavian Team Video ‘Nordic Light’

Vans has team riders everywhere, including Scandinavia where sometimes the sun never sets (and in the winter never rises). Free magazine premiered a new edit by Tom Botwid featuring the brand’s Nordic riders—Tommi Björk, Samuel Norgren, Mira Axelsson, Johan Bergljung, Nikolai Alin, Moa Zander, Oscar Säfström, Jonathan Sjöberg, Simon Hallberg, Eric Hedberg, and Botwid—this morning and, like a Swede waking up at the end of a dark winter, we’re beginning to see the light. Watch the edit above…

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Five years ago we produced the Vans documentary to end all Vans documentaries with our 5-part EST series. Watch it below!

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