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Free Skate Mag Premieres Métronome – Pillars

There are select cities around the world that are home to public plazas that skateboarders have made their home spot. In the same vein of Barcelona’s MACBA, Philly’s LOVE Park (RIP), or D.C.’s Freedom Plaza, Prague’s Stalin Plaza has been home to some of the most technical skateboarding that the Czech Republic has ever seen. In the latest video offering from Roman Lisivka‘s Sports Club brand Métronome, we’re treated to even more high tech wizardry, smooth lines, and buttery back noseblunts in ‘Pillars’, Featuring Marcus Shaw, Roman Lisivka, Marek Kocak, and Jakub Osten, now playing on Free Skate Mag

Watch the full edit, filmed by Jakub Osten, above, and check out Roman’s BANGIN’, below:

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