GoPro Partners With MACBA Life For Plaza Mini-Doc

MACBA Life is all about the famous plaza, which has been the breeding ground for countless up-and-coming European skaters over the years and the backdrop for some of the greatest clips in skate history. GoPro wanted to pay homage to Spain’s national treasure, so they teamed up with MACBA Life to produce the mini-doc, ‘Short Story,’ starring some of Europe’s biggest names, including Carlos Neira, Alex Sorgente, Andrea Benítez, Daniel Mordzin, Dani Jenks, Dani Lebrón, E. Lima, Flo Marfaing, Ivan Monteiro, Jorge Simoes, Julio Arnau, Justin Sommer, Kristian Krasimirov, Louisa Menke, Luis Aponte, Adrián Lobo, Ramón Muniz, Gustavo Ribeiro, Roger Silva, Shaun Hover, and Stewie Petar. Filmed and edited by Daniel Galli, ‘Short Story’ was a long time coming. Watch it above!

Ahhh, Barthhelona… In 2016, we dedicated a whole week to this skateboarding mecca, with new parts from Christian Vannella and Jorge Calderon. Check out all the videos, and our recent premiere of Petar’s street part, below!

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